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Jimmy Lin Chih-ying (born 15 October 1974) is a Taiwanese singer, actor, and race car driver. Following the release of his debut album, Lin's sweeping fame across Asia gained him the nickname "Little Whirlwind".  Lin is the first professionally-paid racing driver in one of the top 10 rally racers in Taiwan. He is also the owner of race car team named "single team". The ambassador has been starring in many popular TV dramas in Asia such as "The Whirlwind Kid", " The Legendary Siblings ", " Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils ", " My Lucky Star ", and has released several grand albums in Asia such as " Go for a Walk " and "Can't Stop Me" and his character documentary “I have patience with time ”. 

《24 hours》

Twenty-Four Hours Chinese Show


Extreme Speed ​​Pioneer Series