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Pres-Jog shoes made a debut at Youth Olympic Games

Time: 2018-10-22 name: Xiao Qi

Oct.6th to Oct.18th

2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games

Uzbek flag bearers entered the stadium with the flag 

Following the Asian games in August this year, Pres-Jog shoes once again, as the official sponsor of the delegation of Uzbekistan, appeared on the stage of the world's top sports events.

The theme of the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games is “Feel the Future”.

The Jakarta Asian Games has 39 competitions, including 31 Olympic events and 8 non-Olympic projects.

The delegation of Uzbekistan participated in sports events, such as weightlifting, gymnastics and long jump




Equipped with Pres-Jog

Uzbek athletes’ competition spirit

 left many fabulous moments




In near future, Pres-Jog brand will continuous support he delegation of Uzbekistan and the National Football Team of Uzbekistan to participate in 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, 2022 Hangzhou Asian Game and other international football games, to create more glory and legend.