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Pres-Jog shoes made a debut at Asian Games,Start up the journey of glory

Time: 2018-09-05 name: Xiao Qi

On August 18, the 18th Asian Games officially kicked off in Jakarta and the city of Palembang, capital of the Indonesian province of south Sumatra. Pres-Jog again appeared on the stage of the world's top sports events.

The theme of the opening ceremony of Asian Games is "feeling Asian energy”. The stage is 120 meters long, 30 meters wide and 26 meters high. The stage is set with "rolling mountains" as the background, with waterfalls, volcanoes and unique and beautiful Indonesian vegetation and flowers and trees.

The Asian games featured 13, 300 athletes from 45 Asian countries and regions competing in 40 major events, 67 sub-events and 465 sub-events. Among them, 232 athletes from Uzbekistan will compete in 30 sports.

As the official partner of the Uzbekistan Olympic Committee and the equipment sponsor of the Uzbek delegation, thePres-Jog has once again appeared on the stage of the world’s top sports events.

The equipment of the delegation of Uzbekistan in the opening ceremony is provided by Pres-Jog. In addition to the podium tracksuit, Pres-Jog also supported the delegation with a full set of training and casual clothing. 

Before the opening ceremony, the customized products from Pres-Jog were rerelease by the delegation of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Sports Official Ministers、Olympic committeesports union, coaches and other sports celebrities attend the event.

Asian boxing champion, Asian Asian games opening ceremony of the flag bearer, has won many international competitions Isroil Madrimov made a speech and expressed best wishes to the athletes.

As of today,

The delegation has received one gold and two silver medals.

In the first day of the competition, BEKZOD ABDURAKHMONOV of Uzbekistan won the first gold medal in the 74kg men's freestyle event, boosting the team's morale. The team later added two bronze medals in freestyle wrestling.


Men's freestyle wrestling 74 kg Gold


Men's freestyle wrestling 97 kg Bronze


Men's freestyle wrestling 65 kg Bronze

In the following games, the athletes equipped with Pres-Jog gears will   make greater breakthroughs at the Asian games.

The Jakarta Asian games are just the first step in our cooperation.

In near future, Pres-Jog brand will continuous support he delegation of Uzbekistan and the National Football Team of Uzbekistan to participate in 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, 2022Beijing Winter Olympic Games, 2022 Hangzhou Asian Game and other international football games, to create more glory and legend.