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Brand Creative Director: Mr.Lin Yuqi

The spirit of craftsman is the ultimate pursuit of products in this era which is also the absolute core of Pres-Jog shoes. –Lin Yuqi

  Mr.Lin Yuqi, chairman of Qierte Co., Ltd., the first leader in the design of children's shoes in China, has more than 12-year design experience and was awarded “Top 10 Innovative Figures in Chinese Industry Brands”. Mr. Lin has made a big contribution to cultivate a large number of top children's shoes research and development talents for the Chinese children's footwear industry and is praised by the industry as ‘Shoes and Clothing Innovation Technology Leading Researchers ’. 

With the consistent philosophy of “Ingenuity in Mind”, Mr.Lin Yuqi advocates for integrating shoes function with fashion perfectly. The design theory of Pres-Jog shoes are not only to meet attractive appearance, but to intensive study of the market for unique and fashionable design, transforming products from single product line to diversity. Under the concept, Pres-Jog shoes are creatively equipped with more than 20 all-round running support and foot protection technologies.

2018 Chinese brand innovation conference was held at the headquarters of UN. The event was attended by senior UN officials, media representatives and Chinese entrepreneurs attending the meeting. As the leading Chinese footwear brand, Mr.Lin, Chairman of Qierte, was warmly invited as one of the outstanding representatives to participate in the activity. Qierte took the mission of the big country brand and appeared in the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, New York. The huge large-screen advertisement showed the world's shoes fashion from China and conveyed the cultural power of the national brand. 

      The “2018 Chinese Brands Entering the United Nations” forum held on the “China Brand Day” was widely watched by domestic and foreign media. The forum focused on the theme of “How Chinese Brands Innovate in the New Era Global Background” and “The Opportunities and Challenges of Chinese Brands” to discuss the history and vision of Chinese brand development. It aims to send out the Chinese brand voice through the international authoritative platform, convey the cultural connotation and commercial value of Chinese brands, and lay the foundation for more Chinese brands to go international.